Alternative UI for AWS

AWS is like an airplane cockpit – you have to be an expert to use it
Lemon is more like your phone – intuitive, no manual needed
Fully customisable with Terraform. And it's free!

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Easy to use like Vercel or Heroku

Deploy containers, webapps, functions, databases

Related things from all regions in one place

Automatic networking & permissions

Pre-configured logging & monitoring


DevOps best practices out of the box

First-class support for Terraform

CI / CD just works, zero configuration

gitOps - push to deploy

Multiple environments Pro

Kubernetes Pro

Custom targets Pro


Free forever

3 services

1 environment

∞ functions

∞ webapps

Start free
$ 70 /user/mo

∞ services

∞ environments


Custom Targets

Get started

For scale-ups and beyond

GCP & Azure support

Single Sign On

Access controls

Audit trail



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